TV Show sheets

I am using thumbgen and I would like to do it for my TV shows, any idea what I should use? 

When I use thumbgen and select manual mode, the show is found with the name…ie Bob’s Burgers, when the result pops up , it gives imdb id and name, I select choose it and then it says not found and this loop continues on and on…any ideas whats best for TV shows?


Make sure you have your collector set to instead of It’s been able to recognize 9 out of every 10 TV shows I throw at it, if not more. If you still have issues, let me know.

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also need to make sure they are in the proper folder structure

TV shows

   - Bobs Burgers

         - Season 1

               - bobs.burgers. s01e01.avi

               - bobs.burgers. s01e02.avi

   - Simpsons

         - Season 99

               - bobs.burgers. s99e01.avi

               - bobs.burgers. s99e02.avi

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thanks for the tip, I deselected TMDB and selected TVDB instead worked well, wasnt able to pick up each episode though,  So Bob’s Brugers S01E01  gave no resilts only main info.  Any other tips for this?


Go to “Adjust Keywords” and type in “Bobs Burgers S1E1”.  Just tested and it pulled it up.

Or when you “Process files/folder” and the “Chose Movie” comes up, just type in “Bobs Burgers S1E1”.

So does it actually pull out that episode’s info?

Perhaps I’m setup wrong , so in the collectores section of thumbgen I only have TVDB selected and ticked off for prefered cover and prefered info.

I then select  "process files/folders’ and point it to Bob’s.Burgers.S01E01.mkv  , I then select manual mode, it comes up with imdb box and has ‘folder tv’ as title, I change it to "Bob’s Burgers S1E2 and I get Bob’s Burgers (2011)  and it gives my Generic, no episode.

An indication of what I’m doing wrong?


your folder structure must be like i showed. also where it shows the information in TG scroll down. there is plot and down below is episode plot. need to use a TG template that pulls the correct info. Also the info needs to be on as well. if it isnt there, TG wont get it either.

thanks appreciated.  using a movie template , do you happen to have a tv ep template?


check my posting here

and here

Excellent, thanks greatly, I have it working now, appreciated

glad its wokring… awesome

no problem

Now I have mine with each episode in their own folder so there is settings in TG that needs to be checked for that. and then my steps in one of those links has the second sheet to make that black ep icon for each folder if you went that route too.

Also I have modified and cleaned up that block episode icon if you want it