TV Show meta tagger tool for Mac OS, Linux, Windows

Hi everybody,

as many others I also encountered the problem of tagging TV shows with meta data. The built in feature in the WDTV Live Hub works fine with movies but really has it’s limits when it comes to TV show episodes.

So I searched the web and was really shocked to only find one real solution for that, a .NET application that tags and creates XML files for your WDTV box. As I don’t use Windows and I’m not a big fan of .NET and Mono I decided to write my own script.

You simply pass a directory with a few episodes or a whole season of a TV show and the script will lookup each episode and create its XML file you can then upload to your WDTV box.

It’s open source of course so feel free to join my project. It’s a Perl script btw.

If you encounter any unknown bugs or have an idea for a missing feature  please create a new issue for it and I’ll take a look.

Project home page:






Hi there,

I added a little documentation page how to ‘install’ & use the script:

Like I said before, it’s still in development but should work fine already.

In the Download Section you’ll always find a working version of the script. If you want the latest (development) Version, please use SVN to checkout the trunk.

Please take a look and tell me what you think. If you have any ideas / feature requests, let me know or directly add them to the project. This project is open source and under the GPL. If you want to join and help the project, let me know.

For all the GUI fans: I’m already working on a JAVA version.

Hope you like it.