Tv Series - Only Fools And Horses

Put my Only Fools And Horses through thumbgen and all the series are found great. My problem is when I try to find the specials it finds them but theres no information on the sheet. Anyone got these who could tell me how they have labelled the files.This is what I’ve tried for example For the 1985 Special - To Hull And Back

Eg Tv Shows                                                             Tv Shows

      Only Fools And Horses                       Or            Only Fools And Horses          

      Season 4                                                             Specials

      S04E08 To Hull And Back.Avi                             To Hull And Back.Avi

Thanks Paul

You have to use “S00” for specials and you have to use the episode number as listed on

So for “To Hull and Back” you would have your files like this:

Only Fools And Horses (folder)

      Specials (folder)

              Only Fools And Horses.S00E005.avi  (To Hull and Back is listed as Episode 5 on

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Super. Now sorted and thanks for the quick reply.