TV Series (DVD ISO) and Moviesheets

I’ve been looking through the forums and online, but haven’t found a good definitive explaination for this, so hopefully a forum member can help. 

I have ISOs of TV Series such as 24 and The Shield. I am having no luck D/L’ing information through Thumbgen for their respective seasons, even though they are properly foldered and named (according to all tutorials, etc). Is there any way to create multiple movie sheets per ISO file, so that I can have each episode list on my Hub? Or, do I need to create 1 moviesheet per iso, and just include the episode information per iso, manually edited?

Any help is appreciated!


You never tried very hard I just searched TV Series ISO and found a few threads straight away…try these for a start

Thanks for the info, but unless I was misreading the information in the links, neither of them are really applicable. I have the Discs ISO’d, as opposed to Episodes on the disc iso’d. If they were saved as episodes, I would have been able to do this with a scraper to have gotten the information for them. That’s not the main issue…

All files are stored locally on the WD TV Live Hub (No NAS, Windows Box…), but they are ISOs of each disc (i.e. Shield - Season 6 - Disk 1, Disc 2, etc…). I can create movieshets for each of those no problem, again by snagging info from

What I want to do is create 4 moviesheets per ISO, and link them to the disk’s iso. I’m not coming across information for that:

Moviesheet 1 (With Episode 1’s info) -----Links To ---- DISC1.iso

Moviesheet 2 (With Episode 2’s info) -----Links To ---- DISC1.iso

Moviesheet 3 (With Episode 3’s info) -----Links To ---- DISC1.iso

Moviesheet 4 (With Episode 4’s info) -----Links To ---- DISC1.iso

The problem with that is, if there is no theme that can handle that (and I dont think there is), you could drive yourself mad getting it to work, and have no way of displaying that info

Also, you are creating yourself an awful lot of work as well, you will always go to the root of the DVD, so even if you did spend the next 10 yrs getting a theme and moviesheet to work, which is doubtful as there is some clever guys who have pushed the limits as it is. One moviesheet with 4 episodes Info on it, would be just the same.

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As wdtvhub said, what you are looking for can’t really be done.  Even if you had sheets for each episode you would always be presented with the main menu because there is no way to get the HUB to start on the episode you would select from an iso.

The easiest solution would be to rip each episode from the disc instead of ripping the full disc so that you would have:

Show Disc 1 (folder)

     Show S01E01.iso

     Show S01E02.iso

     Show S01E03.iso


That is, unless you are insistant on having menus.


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No, I wasn’t worried about menus that much, but there are a ton of bonus features, commentary tracks, etc, which I wanted to have access to, without having 12 video files per disk. 

I think I was more looking at it as I’d be able to scan through “covers” which displayed a movie sheet of each episode. If I clicked on that “episode” it would take me to the disk, where it would function like a regular DVD. This way, I could do a movie sheet with different plot summaries, images, etc, for each episode, rather than try and do a quick episode listing on a main movie sheet for the entire disk. Didn’t care that Disc 1 had Ep01, Ep02, Ep03, but I wanted to show a synopsis of each Episode, so I’d know that was the one I’d want to watch.

More of me being nit-picky and wanting disc / episode information, rather than wanting to be taken to each individual episode from the Hub.


Indeed. But as I said you could have multiple moviesheets, But when the theme only displays 1 sheet, then its never going to work I’m afraid.

BTW, thank you guys for the replies! Guess I’ll be ISOing Epidodes to keep up with my OCD Need to display episode information!!! LOL.

Well, unless you have an unlimited amount of disk space, you may want to look into mkv’s rather than iso’s.

Handbrake is your friend.:smiley:

Handbrake has been my BEST friend, I’m using that for most files, but there are a few DVD’s I am leaving intact in ISO form :slight_smile: I just like the fact that the movie is no longer taking 4+ GB of my storage, and in many cases 1.5GB or under!!! Esp. since the hub is only 1TB, and I am not currently using network shares.