TV Screen Flashes after Hub is in standby

Hi the hub is working fine and i can play movies back on my TV no problem. However if i put the hub into standby short off button press when i switch it back on the display to the TV flashes on and of as if its not constantly sending a signal to the HDMI Output. This happens at the home screen and during video playback. I have switched leads and inputs to the TV but that makes no difference.

If though i shutdown/reset the hub with a long press of the off button when it reboots after a while the picture is fine and steady until when i put it into standby and the whole process has to be repeated. I am running the latest firmware

Any Ideas?

Have you try a new cable and connecting the WD TV to another TV set? Just to see if this keep happening.

He mentioned he has tried other cables.

It sounds like its losing the signal for the video. It may be an issue with the TV/Hub and how they talk.

In the HDMI Video settings, try setting it to setting rather than Auto, see if that works, if you have not done so already.

I have tried all that was suggest above.  I rolled back the firmware to 2.08.13 and it does not do it.  So after a while I upgrade to latest firmware and it does it on that