TV reads hard drive but computer won't

So here’s the situation, when connected to the TV, I have to have the TV (brand new LG smart) on for a few minutes before switching on my hard drive so that when I navigate within the folders of the drive it’s not slow; if I turn them on at the same time or turn on the hard drive before the TV then it takes at least 5 minutes to open any folder within the drive.

Now here’s the kicker, I can see all my shows and other media when it’s connected to the TV, but when I try to connect the drive to my pc (which is between 4-5 years old) the main folder of the drive will open but when I try to access the folder with all my shows it asks me to reformat it and says that there’s 0 bytes stored within the folder, which is of course not true.

I’ve done the error-checking within the properties of the drive but had no luck, now I’m trying to repair the disk through Advanced System Care but that appears stuck as the program hasn’t budged from 64% in a while.

My computer isn’t the problem seeing as that I have two other externals and they aren’t giving me trouble.

If I can repair the drive so that it won’t give me any more problems then great, but I’d at least like to figure out a way to copy all of my data to another drive if this one is indeed going to be garbage soon.

If something I said isn’t clear please let me know. Any suggestions on how I can correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Some TVs will reformat hard drives in a configuration that is only compatible with the television itself as a security measure in order to prevent data distribution. Similar to a DVR expander. 

You can test if this is the case with an empty drive that works on your computer, then configuring said drive for your TV, recording some shows, and then connecting the drive back into your computer.


Thanks for the reply,

I’ll definitely Google that and see if that’s the case, if it is then I’m guessing there’s a way to reverse it. However, I’ve connected my two other drives to the same TV and haven’t had any problems with my pc reading them; and the other drives aren’t slow like the one I’m having a problem with which makes me think it’s just a corrupt file, especially since the disk checking seems long than normal.

Is it possible that my bluray player reformated my drive’s configuration for security purposes like some TV’s do?