Tv off - Sound off?

I have the Play with latest firmware (looking good 1.01.10)

I use it during the day for playing music so i turn on the TV, Receiver and Mediaplayer.

I start the music and want to turn my TV off (why should it be on the whole day without anyone watching)

But after a minute or so the music stopsand i think the player shuts itself down.

Is it possible to make a setting which allows switching off the TV in music mode?

Hi Element player owner. I have just the same problem. This was not a problem in my previous wd media players.

Can’t understand why music stops through my receiver when tv is shut off. Don’t understand this connection. Makes it useless as a music jukebox.

Got this answer from support :

“Remove the HDMI cable from the Samsung otherwise your Player will to go to sleep/ shutdown after a certain time of inactivity from the TV.”

Have they gone nuts ? Remove cables in order to listen to music ?

Hope they fix this in upcoming firmware. Besides this there are really poor music options, like album, artist etc…and wpl playlist(.wpl) dont work either. All this worked fine in their earlier media players. You don’t really expect that they remove “old” functionality.

Yeah, that’s a silly solution…    the same problem was introduced as a bug in the latest version of HUB firmware, too, and WD has mentioned to me that they are fixing it.   Hopefully they’ll address the EP as well.


i have the same problem, but disconnecting the HDMIcable causes a stop of the music. Does that solution work for anybody?

I have the same problem and I DON’T WANT TO DISCONNECT THE HDMI CABLE EACH TIME !?!?

What a silly proposal, I really hope they offer a switch in the settings of the following firmware.


today I find a solution which works out for me very well. It is not perfect and you have to have a little knowledge of the folder structure of your EP. You start your AV-receiver, keep your TV in standby mode, and then start your EP. Now you just have to “blind” navigate into the Music tap and then to the music you want to play. Now your music plays and you do not have to remove any cable.

For me it works pretty well, hope I could help you

It works indeed, would prefer not to have my eyes tied though :slight_smile:

Me too but at least we can now listen to music without leaving the tv on :slight_smile:

True, thanks for sharing :robotvery-happy: