TV Meta Data

Building metadata for some tv shows.  Used downloaded files from this forum as format.  Built Fringe Season 1 and 2 and they alll work.  Trying to get the backdrops to work.  Used some lines from a movie XML.  Here it is.

Changed the TMDB to TV, and really didnt expect it to work.  Note sure what the url line is doing.  What is the ID referenced in the line?  Thanks for any help

I don’t believe that you can use the tvdb because the HUB does not use it’s API.  Basically the HUB doesn’t have the rules setup to gather the data from the TVDB.

Fetching the thumbnail data from The TV Db’s website does not require an API call; only a proper URL.

Here’s an example entry from the TV Show CASTLE, as used on the Hub:

Leave the URLCache business completely out of the XML.

I stand corrected, it didn’t even occur to me to leave the cache - funtion out and just let it do a direct get.