TV loose signal when data is transferred to HDD (WiFi)


 my TV loose signal when I am wirelessly sending data to HDD that is connected to WD TV Live Streaming.

It is pretty annoying when there is a lot of files to be send since TV signal is out all of that time.

HDD is WD Elements and WD TV is patched to last 1.15.10 FW.

Anyone know what could be the cause of this?

Are you saying that there is a picture on your TV screen from the player and at the moment you start sending files to the attached hard drive the picture goes off?

Are you connected to the TV by an HDMI cable?

Does no signal come up on your screen?

Have you tried the AV output with the supplied cable?

Have you tried a reset to factory defaults.

Sorry for misunderstanding, TV loose TV signal (digital), not the signal from WDTV.

Yes, it is HDMI that connects TV and WDTV.

No signal comes to TV, it says something like “program is not tuned” or so…, same message as without TV antenna.

No, if HDMI is the problem (and I want to watch HD) and I have to plug AV every time I transfer data by WiFi I could unplug HDMI as well and plug it again when transfer is over… hop this makes sense.

Yes, I tried to reset but no difference.