TV Live won't disable video output when turned off

Just got the WD TV Live streamer and works OK after struggling with a TVersity DLNA server (had to downgrade that to 1.9.3). 

The problem I’m seeing is when I turn off the TV Live, the screen goes blank, but doesn’t totaly disable the video signal so the TV stays black.  I’m using the composite output that goes into an automatic priority switch.  The switch takes up to 4 inputs, senses a video signal and switches the A/V to the output which goes to the tv and stereo amp.   If I unplug the WD TV video RCA, the switch goes back to the converter box just fine.

I didn’t see any configuration option to fix this.  Maybe a firmware issue?

#1:  You’re in the wrong forum.   The correct forum is here:

#2:  If you need everything to go completely DEAD, then you need to shut the box COMPLETELY off:    EJECT any attached drives, then hold the power button down for more than 3 seconds.