TV Live will not play ISO

I have a gen 1 WD TV LIve, to which I have recently added a 3Tb MBL NAS. Having loaded the NAS with several ISO files, I’m somewhat surprised to discover that I can’t play them. Well, not quite true. If I browse my ISOs in preview mode, the videos play fine (albeit very small & with no control!), but the moment I press play, all I get is a black screen with a completely stationary progress bar. No actions have any effect, other than stop.

Clearly the device knows the ISOs are there, & clearly it can decode them into preview mode. So why can’t it play them in normal mode?

Player is on latest firmware (1.06.15_v)

Any & all suggestions very welcome.


How were the ISOs created?

Home footage DVDs, created using Pinnacle Studio. DVDs play perfectly - I just kept the ISOs in case I ever needed to burn additional copies or recreate at some stage. Thought it would be a good idea to place the ISOs on the NAS, but turning out to be not so good :frowning:

Search the forum for Pinnacle.  I’m pretty someone else reported the same issue with DVDs authored in some versions of Pinnacle Studio…

Thanks for the heads-up Tony. I’ve now ripped a few non-Pinnacle DVDs to ISO & so far they all appear to work fine on the Live. Clearly the issue does seem to be with Pinnacle-created DVDs, so I’ll just have to find another route for those.

Many thanks