Tv live streaming in Car


I’ve tested Wd Tv in car with a 7" lcd screen and It work perfect.
the only problem is that the character of music or video list are too small.
Is there a method to change size of character??

Interesting.  How do you get your data in the car?  What’s the viewing experience like?  

To answer your question, there is a method and it involves changing the theme.  You can create your own modified theme that just increases font sizes in the XML files for whatever popular pages you visit via the small screen.  You’d probably have to experiment a lot to make it look right.

Visitnthe theme forum posts under the hub for lots of good tips.

Thanks for yr reply.
Viewing experience is very good. I like live video concert and now i play it in car.
I ve modified Wd tv live streaming. I ve pull out infrared sensor and i ve installed wdtvlive in box accessories.
I ve connected a usb hdd.

I ve very little experience with software. Can someone help me with xml and themes??

(Sorry for my little english…)

Start here:

Look for themes that the authors say will work with the SMP, because some only work on the hub.  You upload new themes by accessing your WD TV Live via a PC web browser.  Follow the instructions in the manual.  There are also some “official” themes to choose from in the Appearance setting on the device itself.

Modifying the XML is not hard, but if you have to be comfortable working with editing files.