TV Live plus should it stay or should it go?

Just got this box yesterday and been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. Been trying every third party fix to be able to view my folders but still got the “no media in current folder” message. Don’t know what else to do. Since I’m new to the wireless streamer thing (been using xbox before) maybe I’m missing something here can still return it if I wont find a fix so quick help is appreciated. I use macbook pro lion.

 I use macbook pro lion.

“Well, there’s your problem.”

The versions of Samba (used for SMB/CIFS/“Windows Sharing”) that were available when Lion was released are NOT compatable with Apple’s version of SMB2 (that Apple wrote themselves).

A newer version of Samba has been written, to address this issue, but nobody can give you a specific date as to when it will be compiled in to WDTV firmware and released.

Your choices at the minute are:

  • install Samba yourself on the Mac
  • downgrade to Snow Leopard for now
  • use DLNA instead of CIFS
  • return the WDTV (although many other players also don’t have revised firmwares in place yet, so your options of something to replace it with might be very limited)
  • be patient until the patched firmware is released

Thanx for the info. Now I know what I’m up against here. Looks like he box will go back to the store for now.