TV Live Plus HD - Not showing all folders on media server

I just recieved my new WD TV Live Plus HD yesterday and got it all hooked up, no problems at all, pulled IP right away, connected to the Internet, got Netflix activated and it runs beautifully, it also detects my Win7 Media Server and most of my media shows up just fine, but not all of it. I have one folder that I keep a lot of my ripped movies in. I have intermixed DVDs and BDs, all in individual folders with their necessary data for viewing in Media Browser on my HTPC. Every folder it can find holds a DVD or BD and will play perfectly.

The issue is that it only shows exactly 50 of the subfolders that contain the rips. My first thought was that it was a software limitation capping it right at 50 since it’s such an even number.

I do not have the firmware version on hand, but I can look it up when I get home if it would help anyone help me.

I’ve also seen the suggestion several times to switch to a different media server such as TVersity, which I can certainly do, if I have to.



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My own suggestion would be to use net shares – media servers have some severe limitations as to what types of files they can display and play (and, of course, any problems with media servers need to be directed to whatever forums support them, as it’s not a Live issue).

I am having a very similar issue. I have the WD Live TV running for about 2 months without issue. Suddenly, without warning, it is not displaying some folders using the media server function. I have verified that the files are visible to other DLNA devices (PS3, XBOX 360 and 2 separate DLNA media extenders). The folders were displayed previously but are no longer showing up on the device. I’ve rebooted and am running the current firmware.

This is NOT a media server problem as the files are visible to other computers, receivers and devices on my network using the media server, dlna streaming, function.

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It’s only a Live problem IF you can’t see the files using net shares (which I’ll bet you can).

Then you would lose that bet. I continue to receive the “Unable to access network share” message everytime I try and share out files in that manner. Thanks for assuming thou :wink:

Well, that doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t tried all the usual troubleshooting methods.

Have you *ever* been able to see all your files?  If not, you are doing something wrong with your shares (or have Windows ID Live assistant installed).

well i found out after almost 2 gruelling hours, after i placed a subtitles and a divx in the same folder, same name, etc etc and a supported sub like *.sub it just wouldnt play it.

Found the hard way, that when i played the movie via network share it picked up the subz,

im guessing your media server is having issues displaying folders that contains limited file types.

such as maybe… MKV? because i have the same issue,

on my media server (which is really a network share in disguise) i have a few floating AVIs and 2 folders, 1 folder contains all MKV files, and the other folder contains all AVI, only the AVI folder shows,

but i can see both folder when i access via NETWORK SHARE.

try that please, atleast you can prove my point 100% - let me know

We already know that split subs do not work when used with media server (a quick search of the forum would have told you this).

Net shares are the way to go for a lot of reasons, but this is one good one.

So whats the point of the Media Server option?

If net shares:

Display split subs,

Display and run all the supported formats

Shows updated folder/file structre

Whats the point of having the Media Server??

LOL – yeah, well, you’re preaching to the choir.  *I* don’t know why they included it, but I’m sure others here can tell you.

(If I had to guess, I’d say it was because media servers support some functions like the PlayOn service, but I still don’t see why folks couldn’t switch to the media server for those times they need to do that and play their files through net shares all the other times.  But that’s just me).

My real beef is that it’s the FIRST option that comes up (Net shares should be the first, if you don’t have local storage attached, because it makes you think that’s the way to go).

Media Server is OK buts lets not forget its just an option. Sometimes with stuff like music its nice to get the tracks ‘served’ up to you in a nicer way than the WDTV can handle via network shares. Lets face it networks shares may play all but they are pretty basic. Its knowing the limitations of Media Servers that is the important thing. Of course they are also useful for transcoding and getting more services from the internet.