TV Live no wired lan connection


I just bought the WDC TV Live. I upgraded firmware to 1.16

Wireless lan is working, however I can’t get a wired LAN connection.

I have windows 7 and a Sagem Livebox 2 router (orange)

De Livebox 2 does the DHCP

This is the setup:

Livebox 2 on

PC on

TV Live: (tried several other adresses like

subnet mask


DNS server

I enter al parameters manual.

If i do a test the TV Live fails.

I tried other different setups, no connection possible!

Who can help?

libaudie wrote:

I enter al parameters manual.

Have you tried automatic?

Yes i have tried automatic. No luck. It chooses a bizar ip address, completely out of the range.

If it gives you an IP completely out of that range, then your DHCP server isn’t set up properly.

Restart your DHCP server and then restart the WDTV.  What IP does your WDTV get?

Myabe login to your router and check its settings.

Problem solved!

It was a bad ethernet cable!