TV Live Hub Media Center not connecting to TV


I bought WD TV Live Hub today and tried everything to connect to TV, but didn’t get any success.

However, I could connect it to my Laptop ( Vista OS) through router.

I have a Samsung TV ( CRT) and  have connected the Live hub to TV through Scart - 3 RCA cable.

As I didn’t get any output on TV, so I even tried the Reset button thinking it might be NTSC mode as opposed to PAL. (I am in UK and we use PAL system here).

Has anyone came across the same problem?

Please help me.



If your TV doesn’t support 480/567p or higher, component video will not work.   I presume by 3-RCA Cable, you mean component.

I If you use scart on your tv, you cannot use the component output on the hub!

Component will only work if you it is used on both ends(tv and media player), it will only send picture information, but no sound!

If you’re using a scart with jacks on the other end, there is usually 3 wires(yellow, red, white), these should be plugged into the composite jacks on the hub,  yellow for video, white for left channel audio and red for right channel audio! 


Thanks for your response.

Checked the pixel resolution with the Samsung Support.

They said the resolution is : 720*480.

I am using a Scart - Component  cable. It has a Scart plug at one end which I am plugging in the Scart slot of TV.

At the other end the cable has 3 wires(yellow, red, white) which I am plugging into hub.

The image of the cable can be found at the below link.

WD Customer support said that the Media hub is faulty and I should get it replaced.

I am going to get it changed, however, I don’t fully belive them.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Ok, just to keep the terms straight, that is COMPOSITE, not COMPONENT.

Do you have another display you can test it on?

Are you absolutely sure that you are connecting the cable to the composite jacks?

You can see on the picture(link) below where the composite jacks are located on the hub!

Component is not compatible with scart, so it won’t work!

Finally my problem got resolved.

Thanks everyone for your inputs and knowledge ( component  - composite :slight_smile:  )

Replaced the scart cable with the composite cable

Replaced the Media hub with a new one

I am not sure whether the problem was down to the cable or to Live Media Hub.



The image you posted was for a composite to scart cable. You would have to plug the yellow into the rear composite jack and the red / white into the audio output jacks. That cable had nothing to do with component.