TV Live HUB is driving me crazy

When I want to play a ISO file from my NAS(Synology DS212) in 8 of 10  try’s the device say’s content not available.

Restarts etc. nothing works then. But sometimes the same file plays ok the first time.

But almost always with visitor’s the device refuses to play and the device made a very bad first impression.

I am out of options and do not know what causes this problem.

Does any one know the solution for this problem? Or is it better to purchase a Dune HD Max more expensive but a lot more reliable.

You’re accessing this NAS via NETWORK SHARE, right? not MEDIA SERVER?

Yes, via network share.

What firmware are you using?

For some reason I was having similar problems it would loose the media but after everytime it would reboot by unplugging it would start to compile and then sometimes I would have to resync. Lately I have not had to resync but I will say when it first starts to compile if my NAS is asleep it may say no media I just back out usually go straight back into videos and then it will say compiling media wait or folder view

is there a difference between which one you choose? media server or network share? which one should i use? sorry for the noob questions.