TV Live gen3 - can't play iso video


I have a WD media Playe live (new gen) with the WD NAS EX4. If I go on the media tv menu - files,  I see all the videofiles exept some with the ending ****.iso. If I use a android tablet or the PC, I see everthing, and can play it.

I know if I choose Video then it can’t work (DLNA Server can’t open iso files)

Therefore I choose in the WD TV live menu - files, but the hole directory is not visible.

What can I do?

Thanks a lot!



Two things to consider:

1> You need to access an iso via network share not media library/share

  1. DVD iso only no blue-ray support

No, it will play BD iso, just no menus.

Hence my use of the word “support”.  Withoul menus why bother with iso, just rip main movie to mkv, with or without compression.