TV Library content info

just got a WDTV Live. It has found the content info for my movies in the “MOVIES” folder i have. But not my TV shows in a seperate folder labeled “TV”. What can I do to find the content info? And when I do a manual search to find the content info it shows that its using the TMDB Meta Source Should that be something else? Thanx.

Name the files like this:

Series Name.SxxEyy.ext

where xx and yy are the Season and Episode numbers (two digits each.)

I’ve changed my TV Series names to xxxxxx yyyyy.S01E01.mkv, let’s say.  However, that fouls up the order of the shows.

The way that I originally set up my TV Series is to start with numbers, i.e., 01 - xxxxx yyyyy.S01E01.mkv, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?

Currently, if you allow the WDTV to get the content info for you, it will generate an xml file and the episodes will be labeled 1,2,3 etc… instead of 01,02,03 etc…

This causes them to be sorted 1,10,11…19,2 etc… which obviously is not desired.

WD has stated that this has been fixed in the next firmware which is expected soon (next week I hope?)

In the meantime you can also edit the xml file yourself or use a auto-text editor to fix them all in one shot as explained HERE by Tony.

After editing the xml’s you need to “clear the library” from the settings menu which forces a re-build and re-orders your TV shows according to the newly edited xml files.