TV episode listings


Just got my Live Hub yesterday and have only had a quick chance to play with it so forgive me if this is a stupid question or there is a stupidly easy answer to it.

I managed to upload a TV series and have named them as follows:

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 1

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 2


My issue is that the hub wants to sort the episodes with the 1’s taking priority, so they show:

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 1

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 10

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 11

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 12

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 2


Any ideas how I can get around this?

Again, apologise if there is a simple way around this but I’m at work and it’s bugging me!

Thanks for reading!


Yes, name them so they sort correctly…  

The way they’re sorting there *IS* correct; that’s an alphanumeric sort.

Name them like this, instead:

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 01

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 02

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 10

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 11

Boardwalk empire - Season 1 - Episode 12

I knew there was a simple answer. Thanks alot!

The way I organise them is by making a folder called “TELEVISION”

Then inside that I do a folder for the show and a subfolder for each Season, “SEASON 1” etc.

Then the actual episodes are named “( 01 x 01 ) Name of Episode.avi” which is ( Season x Episode ) Name of Episode.

I break it down that way because it can get awfully crowded with every episode of every season in the same place.

As for sorting it’s the leading zeroes, or lack thereof, that breaks the sort order, 01 02 03 04 10 works, 1 10 2 3 4 does not.




.          SEASON 1

.              ( 01 x 01 ) episode 1

.              ( 01 x 02 ) episode 2

. etc

I am having the same issue and it’s not due to the file being named incorrectly. Allow me to create a TV show called “WD’s Family”  and i have the epsodies named as follows :

WD"s Family

Season 1

WD’s Family.S01E01.mkv

WD’s Family.S01E02.mkv

WD’s Family.S01E03.mkv

This is the way the files must be named so that the metadata can be obtained from the online TV Database and after 

this metadata is retreived then WD TV Live Hub sorts the episodes by the metadata episode number and not the actual filename on the hard drive.

If i named each and every file by using a manual search of the TV Database this would fix the issue but then there would be no need for the TV Database metadata feature on the WD Tv Live Hub and you would have the correct sorting of episodes but no episode description.

The only fix would be for WD TV Live Hub to sort the episodes by the filename stored on the internal hard drive and not by the metadata.

It’s actually sorting by , not by metadata Episode Number.

You’ll need to modify the title tag to get them to sort correctly.

I posted a How-To to modify ALL of your XML in one sweep a few weeks ago…

Sorry, just received my unit yesterday and i’ve been searching mostly with google and not specifically here. I’ll try to locate

your tutorial. I was opperating off your previous post that stated it was due to the filenames.

That WAS correct, when that thread was written.   But the latest version of firmware now includes metadata import into the library, which is why it’s different now.

I’m looking for that tutorial, too…  

Ah… here it is:

Do you still use your " XML converter for WDTV Live Hub". I just tried it out and love how it grabs a screenshot for each episode . Still playing around with it to get each of the different screenshots from each episode to show with it’s corresponding episode. Maybe this is outdated also, i hope not i would rater use this tool than having the Hub grab

the metadata so i could use the different screenshots for each episode.

I called WD level 2 support and they finally called back on this issue and i was glad to be armed with the infomation  you provided me here. He instructed me to turn off the “Media Library” in the settings on the Hub and now my episodes are

in the correct order.  As you stated the latest firmware imports metadata in the library which is why it’s different now. I am sure you know about the option to turn off the " Media Library " and that by doing so i must fix one problem and create another and i’m just trying to figure out what problems i’m going to have with the " Media Library " turned off.

If having it turned off prevents me from getting metadata for new shows i transfer to the hub then i would like to use

your " XML converter for WDTV Live Hub ver"  to get the metadata and transfer in from my PC to the Hub via the network .