Turning on iTunes server freezes the hub

Hi there, I have tried several times to turn on iTunes server on the hub but it always causes the hub to freeze a few seconds into boot up. If I disconnect the LAN cable it works fine but obviously not usable. I’ve never really been too bothered by this but now would really like to make use of iTunes server functionality. Any suggestions where to find the issue?

I am using an apple Airport extreme router if that helps and have dlna server and network share server turned on.

How long have you let it sit before rebooting it?   Both Mobile Access and iTunes server has to Index the files before the UI will fully come up.

Hi there,

I think i left it quite a while but will try again in case…thanks

Okay I have turned on iTunes Server and the hub has been frozen for the whole evening. Only way to get it going is to turn off the power and unplug the network cable then turn off itunes server - if i restart it with the network cable in then it freezes after booting…

Same problem, can you please advise? Thanks! Daniel.-

Any luck solving it Daniel?