Turning off the WD Smartware first then the WD My Book Device

I am using a PC Win 10 with two user accounts. Every time I switch accounts I get messages from the WD Device.
It is a pain! I am being asked to empty the Deleted Directory. I am being asked for my device password. I finally got fed up and tried to eject the WD External Drive but it wouldn’t let me. WD Smartware was running. I had to first exit the WD Smartware program, then I could eject the WD External Drive.

I haven’t been here since 2010 but I noted that this is one of those users helping users forums where it is difficult to find any answers to simple questions because of all the posts. Perhaps searching on the subject might help someone else having difficulty getting the External Drive to shut down so it doesn’t keep bothering you.


Welcome back ac603,

Thanks for sharing your solution with the rest the of the community.

Hi ERmorel,

Unfortunately, these types of user helping user sites set up by Tech Companies are quite inefficient in finding factual, simple answers to common questions.

When I tried searching for a quick answer to my own question, I couldn’t find anything useful. I did read quite a few responses on the subject topic but the solutions seemed painful and labour intensive.
eg. Uninstalling the WD Smartware Application and unplugging the WD External Hard drive. Two clicks on the icon tray seemed a lot easier to me and I am surprised no one suggested it.
I probably won’t be back unless I receive more notifications on this topic.

Au revoir.