Turning off of the unit

I think it is very useful that once off the unit with the remote, the power is removed to USB units.
Now is not so and I often forget to turn on the hard disk for days.
This happens even with the latest firmware.

I’m sorry, but I am Italian and I don’t speak english very well.

I am not sure if what I have said is understood.

  1. WD TV models WDAVN00, WDAVP00 (aka generation 1) is old models - and USB power is not off  if device power off from remote control.

  2. WD TV models WDBABF0000NBK, WDBABG0000NBK (aka Generation2) is new models - and USB power is off  if device power off from remote control.

I am russian and my english is bad too.

Then my box is an old model.

But why this function cannot also be activated on this model?

My WD TV is Generation 1, but my Seagate Free Agent GO external hard drive DOES power off when WD TV is turned off via the remote. The lights on the Free Agent GO turns off and the drive stops spinning.

I tried various USB drives and all remain in on (with LED lights). 
For me, the solution should be to completely remove the power supply to USB disks.

I have the same issue…    everytime I have to disconnect the USB drives…

even the ones from WD have this issue.

as a customer I would expect a recall of the old boxes…