Turning Off My Cloud Ex2

Hello there! I am a novice in using WD My Cloud Ex2 and I need your answer on this one, how to turn off the said device manually? Is it safe to just unplug the power adapter from the outlet? Please advise. We will have an annual power shutdown tomorrow and needs to turn off all devices. Thanks in advance.


The WD My Cloud User’s Manual says:

"Shutting down the Device

Use the following steps to safely shut down your WD My Cloud EX2 device.
1. In the Device Maintenance area, click Shutdown.
2. Review the confirmation message, and then click OK. Your WD My Cloud EX2 safely
shuts down."

Check page #127 for more information:


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I can’t get my EX2 to shut down.  I go to Device Maintence and click Shutdown.  It says “The device will shutdown. Would you like to continue?” I click OK and it says “Device is shutting down.” Then nothing happens.  In the Notifications it says “System Shutting Down The system is shutting down. Wednesday, 2015 March 04, 11:30:28 PM Code:1020” That was over an hour ago, it won’t turn off.

I’m curious if, with the recent Cloud OS3 updates, if a simple quick poke of the power button is enough for the EX2 to perform a normal shut-down.

err, what power button?? EX2 does not have a physical power button. It can only be shut down from the dashboard.

Oops. My bad. You are correct.

In Device Maintenance, there is only HIBERNATE and REBOOT. Where is SHUTDOWN?

benhz - you are correct with your observation. There used to be a shutdown button.
I go underneath the silhouette of the man whilst logged on EX2 (should have Welcome [username]. And select hibernate.
Then unplug once I have no connection to it and there are no lights on the EX2.

For the EX2 Ultra there is no “shutdown button
However you can ssh to the NAS and run /usr/sbin/shutdown.sh

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root # /usr/sbin/shutdown.sh