Turning it on

I don’t like doing a negative first post but I have to say I have been seriously underwhelmed by this piece of kit.
The first one broke in 7 days, luckily Amazon have better customer services than WD so I had a new one sent out almost immediately.

However I now have another issue. I am using the device as a storage for all my photo’s and videos as I have run out of space on my Mac machine. It is a simple drag and drop drive hardwired to the back of the machine. On the rare occasion that I can actually access it via the web browser, this didn’t work for the first day, then did work, and now doesn’t again, however I did manage to set it up so that the machine powers down over night, it should then power up each morning, and herein lies the problem. It doesn’t. And for some reason the powers that be at WD decided that having a power button was too much like hard work so the only way to turn the device on is now to unplug the power cable from the back, simply turning the plug on and off at the mains doesn’t work either. As you can imagine this is annoying as I have to get it off its shelf each time.

So my questions are this;

  1. How do I make the web browser access work again without transporting the entire thing downstairs and plugging it into my router each time I want to make adjustments or update the software?
  2. How do I turn the device on once it has turned itself off without unplugging the power cable?
  3. Or is this yet another duff machine that I now need to replace with something that actually works?

When it works it is a brilliant piece of kit that I now store things on with piece of mind that I have a dual copy, but unless these niggles are sorted out I will be sending it back and spending my hard earned somewhere else.

Many thanks for any help.


What did WD Support recommend? Was this issue present as well in your older unit?

I haven’t contacted WD support as their help was mediocre and I have found in the past that forums give mix, but good feedback on issues so was hoping someone might be able to help. I have decided to transfer the disks to the new machine and simply send this one back as I think there are other niggles that I haven’t spotted yet and I want to be safe than sorry.

Right, I have discovered one of the problems. I have renamed the unit and now when I go to the webpage it says it cant find the DNS address, (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) The problem of course now is that I can’t log back in to rename it.

So how do I do that? Will a reset work, or will that reset everything, I don’t want to lose my data obviously.

Any help appreciated.

Go the other way - look on your router or whatever is acting as the DHCP server on your network. That should have a client list, which will show you what IP address that your MCM has been allocated (presuming you’ve got it on DHCP rather than static IP address).

You should then be able to use Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer to access the MCM shares or its dashboard (respectively for each program) and go from there.

Many thanks for the help. Now sorted.