Turning HDD off

I searched the forum but I couldn’t find the answer.

Is there a way to somehow set the hard drive to sleep when it’s not being used/accessed?

I saw a similar post that would shut off the entire system including the hard-drive by pressing the power button on the unit for several seconds (not exactly sure how many seconds), and I have not tried this method, can we do this from the remote? (my unit is located above my tv and hard to reach).

Thanks for any suggestions, at this point, I am using this unit mainly for watching movies not as a NAS, so I don’t really need to leave the hard-drive on after I finished with my movies.


It does.  The HD spins down if it’s not being accessed.

Yes, you can do the full power down with the remote, but if you do that, it will not be accessible on the network any longer.

Thanks for your answer, I didn’t know it spins off by itself after idling for a while.

Like I said, I don’t need the NAS functionality at this point, so it won’t be a problem for me not being able to access it from the network.

Thanks again,