Turned off computer while connected, won't show in Finder now, maybe clicking sound?


Hi there,
I have a 2TB My Passport for Mac (model WDBBXV0010BBK). I thought that I told my macbook pro to open up every TextEdit file. The rainbow wheel went for a minute, I couldn’t open Force Quit Applications, so I turned off my computer - while the external drive was plugged in, and potentially engaged in a Time Machine backup.

When my computer turned back on, the light on the external drive was blinking, there was a clicking noise, and the external drive wouldn’t show in Finder or System Preferences. It showed up in Disk Utility, I ran First Aid, and I got:

Repairing file system.
Volume is already unmounted.
Performing fsck_hfs -fy -x /dev/rdisk2s10
File system check exit code is 8.
Restoring the original state found as unmounted.
File system verify or repair failed.
Operation failed…

I disconnected the external drive, restarted my computer, and plugged it back in once the computer booted up. No clicking now but it’s humming and that part sounds normal. The light on the external drive is still blinking and it’s still recognized the same among the computer apps.

So I feel like I’m pretty much screwed. But if there’s anything I could try, would absolutely love to hear it.


Hi benjaminw,

There could be multiple reasons for the My Passport for Mac drive doing sounds. It is recommended a useful article as mentioned in the link below.


Hey Victor,

Thanks for getting back. I let the hard drive sit for a few days and then
it was back up and running. Still thanks for sending over the link. That
might come in handy later.

Best regards