Turn on or restart my Mac iTunes cant find libary!


I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere in the forum.

I have WD MyBook Live 3 TB. All my iTunes libery i want locate in Mybook Live. When i restart Mac computer iTunes can’t find libary location or sametimes it change to default location in iMac HD. It find it when i open MyBook Live Public Folder. This is because that MyBook hard drive is not awakened. The same problem is for iPhoto Libary,

I use iMac OS x Lion, Sory for my english. Are there any solutions?

The volume needs to be mounted in order for iTunes to find the Library file.

For example mine is located here:

/ Volumes /Public/Shared Music/iTunes/iTunes Media

If it can’t find the volume it will throw the error.

One way round it is to add the volume to your user login items.

First of all go to Finder Preferences and under general make sure ‘External disks’ is checked under ‘Show these items on the desktop’.

Open the share where your iTunes library is located and the volume will appear on the desktop.

Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups

Select your user name and select the ‘Login Items’ tab.

Drag the volume from the desktop into the login items lists and check the box by the volume name.

To test it works, log off and on again. You should see the volume appear on the desktop.

Not sure how this will work if you have restarted your mac and/or the MBL has to wake up? You make need to write an apple script, saved as an app and placed in the login items, that mounts the volume using a ‘try’ loop. So it keeps trying until the MBL is available.

Thanks. You help me very much!!! I have to chek Connected servers not External drive in Finder performences. And in Login items i chek Volume Public. All works fine?

I have another question about iTunes libary. What is better move only iTunes “media libary” or all iTunes folder with system files?