Turn on mycloud ex2 ultra

what is the correct way to turn on the nas after it has performed the scheduled shutdown or has performed the shutdown from the web interface (or ssh)?

the only way I have found so far is to unplug and reconnect the power cord.
but there must be a better way. for example on the mybook mirror there was a button.

If you find a better way pls tell me to :slight_smile:
That’s the way I power mine after shutdown


I use Wake On Lan (WOL). There is an Android app with that name that will do the job. Do set the option for WOL in the settings of your NAS. It works fine with me.

The My Cloud does not support WOL.

My MyCloud EX2 Ultra (2019Q1) does.
If you not already haven’t, I would say, give it a try. As far as I know there is no setting (available) that needs to be switched on, it was standard available to me.
You may also have a look at this thread: Shutdown via SSH.

I have Ex2 ultra too, but mine doesn’t work properly. I was checking the scripts they use to shutdown the device and I’ve found the command they use to activate the WOL right before the device goes off. I will not paste it here because, if you run this command you lose access to the NAS, then you have to unplug and plug the cable back. I don’t want people damaging their HD.
Back to the subject, I don’t know why, sometimes my WOL works, sometimes doesn’t. and I always try on port 7 and 9.

@Francescodf, you can use one of these apps, maybe it works for you.