Turn off prompt window with user and password

the Public folder is asking for users to provide a user name and password even though I have set the folder to Full Access(public).

Does some know how to turn it off? I don;t want to have any prompt windows with any password there?

really appraciate for any help



I had the same question.  The reason it is asking for a username and password when you try to connect to wdshare is the credentials being passed to wdshare are the ones you use to login to the computer you are on.  If the username password does not match between the two systems you get prompted to enter them.

You can do one of two things, set the user name password  to be the same  and you will not get prompted.

In my home network I do not have any passwords assigned to my computers and wdshare requires a password to be set.  Solution is to ssh into wdshare as root.  You will need a ssh client on your pc to do this.  Once you are logged into wdshare do the following (you must be root):

cd /usr/private


(when asked to put in a password just hit return

confirm by hitting return again)


Now when you are logged onto your computer as that user (assuming you do not have a password for this user on the client) and access the wdshare you will not be prompted for any credentials.