Turn Off Backups

I am getting more and more annoyed with this My Book 1.5Tb product!

I bought storage and instead I have a unsightly and useless virtual CD and a backup forced on me, and whats more they are wasting my precious time trying to figure out how to get rid of them. How arrogant can a software company be to do this to its customers! In fact I read on Google that WD My Book changes your firmware, and you can never actually completely get rid of it.

I have now at least got rid of the virtual CD by doing the upgrade of the firmware from Western Digital.

NOW THE QUESTION: How do I completely uninstall, or at least turn off the backups. I already have two backup schemes going and do not need a third forced on me.



To get rid of the backups, go into Control Panel, Programs and Features (Win 7), highlight SmartWare, and click on Uninstall.  That gets rid of SmartWare.  Go to Computer, right-click on the My Book Drive, left-click on Format, and click on Start at the bottom of the page (again for Win 7).  This will erase all the data that you have stored on the drive.  Now, the drive is ready for however you want to use it.