TuneIn Web and Wd TV Live querie

I have just purchased a WD TV Live and have a question regarding the TuneIn settings.

I subscribed to TuneIn in the web, entered the right code, etc., and activated the device. I proceeded to login to the site from the WD TV Live and the connection was successful however when I browse the radio stations by location I cannot see the stations that I want and that are listed on the web site. The streamings are OK and work in the PC but the WD TV Live does not see nor list them (only some of them).

Is this a problem, is it normal or am I doing something wrong? The firmware has been updated. Is there a way to display the stations as they are listed on the TuneIn page?

Thanks in advance,

If memory serves correctly TuneIn filters out the media streams that they think your mediaplayer cannot play. This filtering is done on the TuneIn end. E.G. you won’t see AAC or RAM streams. On their web page they used to show they stream format but it seems they have changed things.

Read this link- http://tunein.com/support/wd-tv/

Thanks Parnott100 for the reply.

I visited the TuneIn site and found out that the problem is really non compatible stream. To find that out I set my preset on the site, the WD TV Live saw it but gave a warning about the stream not being compatible. Pity…

I wonder if WD is going to fix this in a future firmware release.


kind of disappointing, yes. it seems that some stations may have changed their stream encoding to something the WD Live Plus is not compatible with. Several of my stations worked great when tunein.com first came on with the firmware upgrade, then suddenly one day I went to listen and it came up Stream Non-compatible. Hopefully this will be corrected in a future firmware, thanks WD.

Yes some stations do change their formats. But the stream blocking is done on the TuneIn end as far as I have been able to determine. So even if a stream could be played by the WD TV Live, the content provider can block it.