TuneIn radio streams

For the last couple of days I’m having problems with TuneIn radio streams. When I play BBC radio 2, Planet Rock or Radio Caroline the streams either don’t start or start then the audio drops out about every thirty seconds. This happens using the TuneIn service on my SMP, old WDTV Live and also from the TuneIn website from my PC. The streams play without a problem if I use the respective web sites of these radio stations. As this happens across different hardware it seems like it is a problem with the TuneIn streaming. I’ve already reported this to TuneIn, but I’d be interested to know if anybody else is having this problem?

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Be sure to have the latest firmware version installed.


I have exactly the same problem… Did you get a resolution? 

Definitely not a connection or wdtv issue as the problem is limited to BBC for me…