Tunein Radio App

I just upgraded to the latest firmware, and decided to checkout what new apps, if any, were included.  I noticed “Tunein”, it is a radio app that I also have on my iPad.  Well, for the most part it works great, but a lot of the stations don’t seem to be playable… the WDTV gives me a message saying that it is a non-supported format! 

So what’s the point?  Why have the app, if a bunch of stations won’t play??

I also noticed that and thought that some of the stations do not broadcast 24/7 hence the error message (which, of course, would then point into the wrong direction).
If the station is playable from computer and not from wdtv, then there could be a problem with the SMP not reading the stream (just like the avis that do not play through network share but play fine from media server, another WD mystery lol).