Tunein Radio App not finding certain Radio Stations ? -(with possible reason)


when I go to tunein.com I can find and play “101.9 Dawg FM, Ottawa, Ontario Canada”

It plays “directly”, via tunein.com streaming on my Laptop,

AND, it also shows up, and successfully plays in my Tunein App, on my  WD-Media-Player,

 However, when I want to play, for example,  “The Jewel 98.5, Ottawa, Ontario Canada”, 

it does NOT show up in the Tunein App of WD-Media-Player.

 BUT, it does show up fine on the tunein.com website on my Laptop,

but instead of playing “directly” via Tunein.com,  a pop-up message says:

" Launch Stations player,

(leave Tunein.com) and 

listen to The Jewel 98.5

(CJWL-FM), Ottawa, ON."

 …and then a seperate streaming window opens up and it plays fine, (on my Laptop).

BTW, I have verified these similar anomolies/differnces? on many other stations as well.

I believe this is what is causing certain Stations to not show up in Tunein-WD-Media App.

So, what gives?

 I also believe this is NOT a problem with the Tunein App on WD-Media-Player, and instead, it seems to be a redirect-link sponsored by Tunein.com that sends you back to the Stations player.

In other words, certain Radio Stations are NOT directly braodcasting via Tunein.com, ???

Again, I’m not sure why this is, -maybe a licensing issue?, …, but I will contact the above Radio Statrion to see.

I’m sure many others have run into this, and if so, have you had any luck getting these stations resolved ?



Thank you for sharing this information.

Well, I received a reply from “The Jewel 98.5” Radio and they simply said:

" Basically - Tunein is a separate company, if you are having issues with their service you would need to contact them.

Our players and Apps are working normally.

Hope that helps."

huh ???

-anyway ya, fairly useless info, ah well.

 So now, I’m off to Tunein.com to see of they can explain this.

I also found this on Tunein.com’s site:

"  Why is my chosen station, show, or podcast not playing?

TuneIn supports many different streaming formats, but not all devices support all streaming formats. If a station, show, or podcast is not available on a given device, it may not be available in a format that is supported by your device."