TuneIn Preset Stations

Howdy.  Was hoping someone could shed some light on this:

For some reason, most of the preset stations I had (Israeli Radio Stations) which were working perfectly up till about a week ago, now gives me an error message saying the “WD TV doesnt support playvback of this station”.  This is odd as they were all fine up until about a week ago.  Has something changed or has my WD Live hub suddenly become anti-semetic :smileyvery-happy:

Advice would be most appreciated.


Hi there, did it start to happen out of the blue or after an update? What if you try a factory reset? o.o

It seemed to have happened out of the blue…all my other presets work fine…it appears that this one suddenyl stopped streaming.

What has happened is that within the past week the corporate geniuses at CBS Radio, which owns numerous radio stations across the U.S. including the ones that you’re having problems with, have decided in their infinite wisdom to refuse to allow their streams to be listed by TuneIn. They’d rather force listeners to use their inferior (CBS Radio-owned) Radio.com website or mobile phone apps in order to control every penny of online ad revenue. Unfortunately for those of us who own Internet radio devices, this ensures that we won’t be listening to any of their stations at all. Short sighted and stupid? You bet!

Those who know the stream URL (all CBS Radio stations use the same format) have found alternative solutions for mobile devices that allow us to input the URL directly into favorites. This doesn’t help those of us trying to listen via WDTV, however, so what’s needed is a firmware upgrade including an app that will allow us to do so. WD, please!

Nice job, CBS Radio, trying to limit how Internet URLs are used. Restricting your URLs from being listed in TuneIn is akin to preventing Google from listing your URLs and instead forcing you to use a proprietary search engine instead that lists only your own online properties. Like I said, stupid.

I’m having problems with the Shoutcast streams since a few days. My TuneIn radio favorites still work without any problem.