Tumb Nail for the file folder

I use WD element storage with my WD TV Live Plus.

I would like to use the thumb nail function to search my stored movies. 

so far it only works when I access the Mpeg, TS or VOB file folder (I have enbedded a picture in these files).

This tecnique does not work with the folder  holding these files.

The files on my storage drives wont let me assign an  icon.

Is there a way to get a thumb nail assigned  to the other file folders?

Welcome to the forums.

To use a thumb with a folder, just put a JPG with the name folder.jpg in that folder (smaller than 70K of course).

I’m sure there is an easy answer. Something I missing. But so far I’ve falled to make this work.

So you’ve put a jpeg with the name “folder.jpg” INSIDE that folder and you’re saying it doesn’t work?  Then delete the small wd file/folder on the root of that drive and try again – it should show up that time.