Trying to use WDMBL apache server to replace my local xampp config

Yep, I try to to use my WDMBL apache server to replace my local xampp config but didn’t get much furter than a 403 forbidden access. I’m not that kind of expert on linux but in the last 4 hours i’ve learned like 10 new commands to check users/group permissions and mess with virtual servers configuration with no luck.

In my tests I made a share (www) with htdocs on it and try to create a virtual server (/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-Apollo3G) pointing to mybooklive:8080. that way, I think will not mess with HD content

Well, at least that my plan… any of you have tried something alike? please let me know

thanks in advance

Unless you are trying to learn a new trick, installing the feature pack seems to be the easiest solution for your project.

Know that MBL does not have mysql server installed, so in order to achieve the same functionality of xamp, you need to install the server (#apt-get install mysql-server etc.,)

search this forum and also for more specifics

Something I would like to recommend is to not even mess around with the already installed server, but to run another one parallel to it.

It’s not too hard to build and clean install Apache to the default location, /usr/local/apache2. May spare you some headaches. Plus you can experiement all you want without breaking your dashboard.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try and let you know

right now by work i haven’t had the time to keep testing on the drive