Trying to use remote access for the first time

I’ve downloaded the app to my laptop and am trying to use remote access fro the first time and apparently I haven’t set up the required account and don’t know where to go to do this. My email is not recognized AND i’M not seeing any options to create an account.


You have to setup remote access from the MyClouds UI.

Open your web browser, then type in either wdmycloud or your MyClouds IP address.

Another way is if your OS is Windows 7, open an Explore window, then in the left plane click on Network and look to see if you see the WDMyCloud under Storage.  If you do, right click on it and the select View device webpage.

Thanks tinwarble. I’ve done all I can see that needs to be done in the UI but when I open the sftware on my laptop and enter my UUN and Password it’s not accepting it. I don’t see any way in the software to recover or change your password. I don’t know what my pword is. I thought I did but apparently I was mistaken. Stuck!