Trying to use an usb connected external dvd player it says no storage device detected

It says no storage device detected. It doesn’t tell me how to detect it?

Note: The network storage system supports external USB storage devices; USB optical drives (CD/DVD combo or DVD dual/multi drive) are not supported.

I had this same problem with Passport Ultra that used to work ok. Called tech and they told me was likely corrupted file system and I needed to reformat external drive. Yikes! NOTE: I had already tested warm and cold reset. OTHER USB drives were recognized ok, too. So, just the one 3TB drive didn’t work anymore. Found the following solution (thank you – don’t recall the name of the genius who had this simple solution):

  1. Connect drive to a computer and EJECT the drive – don’t just disconnect the USB cable.
  2. Turn off AUTO MEDIA LIBRARY on the WDTV: System --> Media Library --> Off
  3. Power off WDTV, attach external drive, power up WDTV with drive attached.
  4. Viola!

Good luck – took me two days to solve, but soooo happy to avoid reformatting!! Hope this works for you.