Trying to unbrick gen2 mycloud

Gen2 my cloud device. Was lurking around ssh trying to find out all the crontab scripts. Ended with running system_init script instead of opening it. Cancelled after 10 seconds, so it didnt finish. Power cycled device/tried to reset 40 seconds, didnt work. IP adress is working, only web interface, blinking blue led and booting please wait (cannot login to web interface). Tried to use usbrecovery.tar.gz, it boots to recovery mode (yellow red flashing) but I dont see it try to get ip from dhcp. So cannot access my cloud with recovery. Are there any default ip addresses in recovery? What to do? Will I have to open it up? BTW blinking blue is constant, left it overnight, disk turned off, led blinking all the time :smiley:

EDIT: MAnaged to connect to recovery, but skipped formating /dev/sda3 and still have blinking blue led. Tried with 40 sec reset, either Im doing it wrong or it does not work :slight_smile:
Will try again today with formatting sda3 first.

Blinking blue LED on the power button means, unit is powering up and checking the data integrity of the hard drive(s). You need to let it finish checking the hard drive(s). This could take awhile. If you still have access to the WebUI or SSH, you could do a system restore.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out my drive is failing, DST error. So I am unable to use WD software until drive replacement. Its really sad, drive had 850h work time only.