Trying to share movies between 2 Live Hubs

I am attempting to share all of the movies that I have in my living room with my bedroom.  Both rooms have WDTV Live Hubs.  When I go into the media library in my bedroom, only 1, 2, sometimes 3 folders show up.  This is my setup in the living room:  WDTV Live hub, a powered 7 port usb hub that is connected to the rear usb port of the Live hub and 7 external hard drives ranging from 1tb to 3 tb’s (each have a different genre).  I have tried to reset both hubs but I can never see all of my hard drives, only some, only sometimes.  This is very fustrating, I do not know what else to do.

Have you tried accessing them from the Files tab?

Miami_Son wrote:

Have you tried accessing them from the Files tab?

Yes, still no go.

Do you have your Hubs assigned with unique names?  

Can you see all hard drives on your main WD hub? I thought that you could not use a usb port to see several hardrives this way it will only show the 1rst one or something like that.In the beginning this is why I went to a NAS. If I am wrong sometimes I have a problem with mine showing up through a NAS that has a usb hub connected to the NAS. I have found only 1 usb hub that will carry 7 hard drives that will show up and that is a belkin hubstick all others I have tried like 3 of them would not show all the drives. I even have the first belkin 7 port piggybacked to a 2nd belkin running 13 hard drives. Every once in awhile I will drop one and I have to switch ports and this corrects it but not very often does this happen.

Hi, I am using 3 hubs, with 8-12 external drives connected.  So yes, it can be done.  I have a cat6 wired system and only use a computer for an ocasional small up/download to one of the hubs.  As already stated above, the device name for each hub must be different.  Also, it is in your best interest to use only (1) hub with the media libary, if any at all.

I only turn on my libary after adding new stuff, to enable the get media content option.  Then I turn it off again.

The hub runs much faster with the library turned off.  There was a problem with the hub not working with USB hubs, but that was long ago.  I have used many different hubs, with little or no problems.  IMHO a  powered hub is your best choice.

I use an ultra 7 port buddy hub.  It allows you to connect to two devices (computer & wdtv live hub) and switch between them via a button for each port. (it’s only USB 2.0, but so is the wd)  The way you try to look at your stuff, is another thing.

Without media library turned on, you loose filtering opion. (can not look at all, at the same time etc.)   I made a movie list, witch I use for looking up things.  I took a clip art from each movie,  put it into a seperat folder and renamed them to: “your movie name” "_“drive number”.jpg

This makes for a very quick movie look-up.  And small.  Thumb drive, android or even on the wd hub. ( you would have to go into the photo mode on the wd to view the list though.

If you know witch hub has your files, you can see them via local or network shares.  Local only lets you see what is on the wd you are at.  Network shares can let you see all that is on your (in house) network.  Each of the other wd drives must be shared, inorder to see them.  So, it can be done, just that you have to go into setup and set all the options right.

Hope this helps & good luck, Dan