Trying to retrieve from 'My Book Studio Edition'

Hi guys and gals,

Many thanks for your time in reading this, hopefully someone will be able to make me understand my predicament? 

We as a work group, in my employers, are using these hard drives ‘My Book Studio Edition’ for backing up onto every month or so. Everything seems to be going across ok but when i try and retrieve the folder i have backed up, it does not give me everything inside the folder, here is an example:

Retrieved a job from the My Studio hard drive only to find that all sub folders were included but everything inside them had disappeared.

I work at a printers and we are finding this very annoying that to do the retrieval we are having to individually retrieve each item as for some reason it will not retrieve anything inside the folders. Items include PDF’s and documents made in applications such as Quark Xpress, CS3 & 4 etc.

Hope this is clear enough, machines we are using are intel based G5 (2 x 2.66 GHz Dual - Core Intel Xeon &  and a new imac (3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo). We were also having problems with our old G4 as well, in fact we have never managed to over come this issue and hence why i am posting on here.

Many thanks for your time.

Phillip G

How do you back up data to your drive?  Do you use WD Anywhere Backup, Time Machine, or some other software?

Thanks for the the reply. We do not use any back-up programme at the moment, we just drag and drop at the end of each month; we find that this is sufficient even though a little time consuming

If your drive is missing files and folders, have you tried running Disk Utility’s First Aid on it?