Trying to restore to new external drive

I use a My Passport for back ups.  I also use an external hard drive for active storage.  It failed on me so I have a new My Passport Ultra for active use.  When I go to the My Passport to retrieve the back up and restore to the new Ultra, it is not allowing me to take that back up from the dead external and restore to the Ultra.  I feel it is because it not viewing the dead drive, it will not allow me to select the files.  I can basically only access C drive files for restoring.  It does show a F drive option for my computer but it does not provide the files I am seeking.  I am confident that they are on the back up as the the Home screen shows the approx G of music and pictures that I am seeking to recover.

What am I missing?  I feel like this is a total noob question and I know I did this in the past last time I changed external drives but it is escaping me this time.  Any help is much appreciated.



Try accessing the backup folder manually and searching for your files this way.

the backup folder is called “WDSmartware.swstor” and it is located in the root of you backup drive.

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