Trying to restore to a clean install Windows 10 HELP!


Newb here! I backed up my wife’s laptop using HD backup (Version 1.6.6060.18987) it was running Windows 10 64 bit. I had to clean install windows 10.

I am trying to recover files (I re-install WD Backup and it will allow a restore). But! it is extremely slow and doesn’t recover everything. I am using a 3 TB Passport Ultra.

It doesn’t allow me to restore after that as it says that I haven’t created a backup plan???

What good is a backup if you can’t restore??? Anyway, can anybody enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong???

I am about to get a divorce from my bride of 50 years if I can’t get this to work. Was I stupid to trust WD???

Thanks in advance,



You can retrieve the files manually.

Go to the root of your drive and look for the backup folder called “WDbackup.Swstor”. You can browse this folder for your files.