Trying to restore computer from clone


Last weekend I attempted to install Linux Mint 17 alongside Windows XP (sp3). Long story short – now I have a mess, I made the mistake of trying to partition my internal HD (using Gparted) for Mint, and can no longer boot up from XP at all. I am currently running off the Linux Mint live cd - as that’s the only way I can boot up.

Before I attempted the install, I used Acronis True Image (WD edition) to clone my internal HD with the XP OS, to an external My Passport Ultra drive (500 GB). I also created a Acronis bootable media CD. I think I know what to do next to get my system back, but am here today to post my plan, in hopes of getting another opinion(s) of whether or not this is the way I should proceed. After my lapse in judgment last week, I’m not sure I trust myself!

A little info before I go on – I am working on an older (2006) Sony Vaio (VGN-FE790), with 2 GB of RAM.

Here’s my plan:

  • boot up off the Acronis bootable media cd

  • backup my clone to a different external HD

  • restore/reformat my computers internal HD from the Vaio rescue CD - that would take it back to the factory settings from 8 years ago

  • then restore the back up of the clone, to the computer’s internal HD

Two questions about this plan:

  1. When backing up the clone - should I use the backup sector by sector option (I have the room)?

  2. If this works, will the clone have my most recent copy of Windows XP? I realize at this point that it is a vulnerable OS, and I am concerned about not being able to get to 8 years worth of updates!

I appreciate any input.

Thank you,



I recommend you take a look at the Acronis user’s manual. Hope it helps.