Trying to reinstall XP on new WD drive

And it stops halfway through the process.  My former drive crashed and I am starting over…thx

well are you reinstalling over top of your old install or did you format your drive and start clean ?

also i would if you can double check your cd is being read properly.

the free program cdcheck is very usefull for this its a windows program that verifies

the data on cd’s or dvd’s are readable and i have found it caught errors that other programs

verify mode failed to find such as Nero or UltraIso all of which said verified but when i checked

the cd’s were bad… i’ve been doing this since 2004/2005 (using cdcheck) to verify burned cd’s

and whether you burned the cd or not doesn’t matter…

Some brands of cd/dvd’s don’t like some dvd players etc

And every 50 or 100 pack of cds/dvd’s i buy in the last decade have come with a huge amount of garbage discs that are no good… you can often see weird patterns in the disc if you look closely.

I’d say on average atleast 10% of all blank discs are garbage BUT

i don’t buy premium quality cd’s/dvd’s AND they are available some are better but you have to pay more !

Make sure the disc is good !

Also if your cd/dvd drive is old and dirty that may be the problem too.

Sometimes cleaning them helps.

Also, what kind of WD disk is it?  Windows XP won’t install on a GPT disk without proper preparation.