Trying to move my 2TB content to my new 4TB drive and have all of it available

I cant believe this problem has not been solved or addressed by WD
I bought a WD 4TB drive to replace my nearly full 2TB .
I soon discovered W10 will not work with anything over 2TB ,a glich that neither micro soft or WD seems to have a solution for. Considering how often this must be happening i cannot believe the solution is not easier to find . what are all those people out there that have bought Drives over 2TB doing with them.
WD must be selling thousand of these every day and every one of them will be facing this problem.
WD support so far has been no help , they sold me a product that i cant use, and seems could care less. As a result I am becoming very frustrated with WD . Some solutions have been offered , download this or that from here or there , none work and they all offer a solution for a fee, and the fee isn’t cheap , and who knows if it even works. I have been screwing around with this problem for month’s , I finally managed to get W10 to start using the 2nd half for some storage but now I keep getting notices that my memory is nearly full and will not accept updates and now the computer has slowed to an infuriating crawl. What I need that I’m surprised WD does not supply with any drive over 2TB is a step by step process presented so any nube could understand it. Surly someone knows how to do this with out paying to download questionable and expensive software from some site , why isn’t WD offering this to make their product useful.

Maybe one of these two links can explain things to you sufficiently.

N00b Info:

A little more technical: