Trying to map network drive on diferent net work

I have 2 networks and on my Mac network WdCloud shows up perfectly no problems there, I assume beacuse WDCloud is acutally on that network. On the domain based network however I want to know how to map a network drive. WDCloud is not resident on this network. Is there a way to map a net work drive. I can get to it via WD MY Cloud but I then have to copy anything over. Not what I really wanted?

If the drive is outside of the network it will not come up as an option to map within the local network.

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On your windows computer, if you launch a Run window and type in the address of you NAS share like this:


Does the authentication window comes up?

If it does, you can map your network drive.

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I realise that. Is there any way to map a drive. I think I read somewhere you can do via FTP?

Many tahnks for that. I have tried \WDMycloud\Documents and as the Cloud drive is on another network it does not find it.

OK, then the only way to map the share is to use

This will show you the shares of your device, and you can “connect” to them. On Windows, it will look like a mapped network drive, and Mac, it will look like a mounted device. For the OS, it is a Webdav server, which comes with some quirks and limitiations of this type of protocol. Typically, you would want to download the filies rather than opening them from the share.

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Thanks Etupes that has set me on the right path, I have found this article which seems to explain how to do it. I will give it a go a bit later to see if it works.,392/session/L3RpbWUvMTQwMjUxNDAxMC9zaWQvdWNBbkh6V2w%3D


I seem to have almost go this, in as much as I can now see a mapped drive(s) in explorer, but when I try to save something there I get  a Windows security pop up which says ’ The server requires a username and password. I have enetred every combination of usernames and passwords I can think of to no avail. I am sure it is soemthing simple that I am missing but any help would be apprecaited.


Should add that if I click on OK with username and password blank about 4 or 5 times then it seems to save it.