Trying to login to Netflix - keyboard won't work

Hi there

I have a WD TV LIve Streaming box and  I am trying to login to Netflix. The keyboard doesn’t appear to work just for this action (i.e. typing the username and password). I can use the arrow keys on the kb to move around ok but when I try to type in characters in the login field nothing happens. 

I am in Australia and I have used unblock-us to successfully access Netflix on the internet and I have a valid account.  I can login to Netflix using other devices ok.  I can access VuDu and other services just fine and the keyboard works for these services.  It’s just Netflix.

Any ideas why this is occurring ?

Thanks in advance


Check if you have the latest WDTV firmware update installed, you can also try connecting a USB cable.

Thanks for responding Ichigo

I’m a bit wary of installing the latest firmware to fix only one issue when everything else is working fine. I could end up with everything broken and then my partner would be p…d off if he couldn’t use the WD TV Live for all the other things.  I’ll check it out but if it doesn’t explicitly fix this I may not install it.

With regards your other recommendation …   the keyboard is ‘wired’ i.e. it is a kb with a USB connection and it’s not wireless.   The keyboard works perfectly for eveything else - except the Netflix logon fields.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing with trying to access Netflix from Australia.